Our Favourite White Paint Colours

Who doesn’t have a hard time picking a white paint colour for their cabinetry, walls, trim, ceilings (and the list goes on)? The choices can be overwhelming, and getting it wrong can be frustrating.

Planning For a Renovation

Renovations are a lot of work but can be very rewarding if done right or costly if you cut corners. It’s an opportunity to make a space exactly the way you want it, in functionality and look.

3 Tips for a Great Gallery Wall

Home decor

Are gallery walls still in? Truth is, they were never in nor out, but for some reason, they really had a moment a few years back. Since then, there’s been this misconception that they were trendy and now are ‘over.’

How to Create a Home Office Space

Now that working from home is officially something many of us have been forced to do, it’s probably very clear that having a dedicated space can make all the difference.

5 Things Every Family Room Needs

Design isn’t always about following the ‘rules’. It’s about what makes a space feel special and what makes you actually want to spend time there.