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main floor renovation

At the onset of every project, we take the time to help our clients define their scope and understand the challenges they are facing with the current space they are in. The process can seem overwhelming but we break it down into several phases to ensure we build a plan that works from a functional level and also with the budget our clients are working towards. This includes a planning session, development of floor plans and budget, design development and execution. We take care of things from start to finish and this project is a perfect example of how we followed our process and achieved an outstanding result. .

This particular project involved a main floor renovation. Our team was responsible for the development of floor plans, cabinetry drawings and the overall design which included the sourcing and recommendations of all materials and furnishings. Our goal was to ensure that we created not only a beautiful space but a functional home for a family of four with children. We spent time with our client understanding their full wish list, what wasn’t working in their home at the time and understanding their overall goal of the renovation.

Our team began by establishing a new layout for the main floor that functioned better for the family. This included everyday living and entertaining guests. We started with the kitchen and opened this up to create a statement island and fabulous range wall. When you hear your client say they love to cook and bake and that they spend a lot of time in this area of the home, it is immediately important to dive into this area and make it special. A few other features we included was a hidden pantry for the microwave and a fully functional breakfast bar.  

The plan extended out from there including the entry, dining room, family room, mudroom, powder room and laundry room. All flooring was replaced, as well as baseboards, doors, a fresh coat of paint and durable new furniture. We selected items that fit the criteria and style of the homeowner. We were very thoughtful about the furniture layout, the style, comfort and durability.  

When our clients are making this type of investment, it’s important we cover off all details and ensure the project will last the test of time.  

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