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full home renovation

Every project we face has a different set of needs and challenges. Whether we are helping clients with a new build, an existing home renovation or a decorating project to enhance someone’s living space. We work with our clients to define their scope and understand the challenges they are facing in the current space they are in. The process can sometimes seem overwhelming to many, but building a solid plan is where it starts.
This particular project involved a full-home renovation. Our team was responsible for the development of floor plans, cabinetry drawings and the overall design which included the sourcing and recommendations of all materials and furnishings. Our goal is to always ensure we capture our clients taste, understand their style and how they ‘live’ and enjoy their home. Identifying what they need and what isn’t working in their current space ensures a positive end result.  
The challenges our client faced within this particular project was bringing a cohesive look throughout the home, ensuring functionality for each of the rooms and providing a full service that would save them time making decisions on their own.  
Our team worked with the architectural plans to build floor plans for furniture placement and elevation drawings for all cabinetry throughout. With our in-depth understanding of the project needs, we identified areas for improvement and ensured our recommendations fit the criteria established. We worked with our clients to define their style, built a plan identifying all the details throughout and sourced all materials to create a classic, sophisticated and comfortable home for a family of four.

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