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teen bedrooms renovation

When we were asked to design three girls' bedrooms and new ensuite bathrooms for each, it was a task we jumped on. This project was all about creating a functional space for a family of five to make the morning routines easier and allowing everyone to have their own private space. We started the project by learning more about each of the girls, their wish list and overall style. Each had something different to say and the creative design was reflected in this.

The upper floor plan required a redesign to accommodate new bedroom space, the creation of three bathrooms and a laundry closet for easy access. Each room required a specific size bed, storage for clothing and other accessories and desk space for daily homework. Each bathroom was a 3-piece including a toilet, shower and vanity.

Our team worked directly with the contractor to ensure the execution was seamless and the plan came together perfectly. This included the installation of hardwood flooring, all materials in each bathroom including tiles, plumbing fixtures, lighting and vanities. The placement of all these items was important as space was limited and we needed to ensure everything worked functionally.

The decor was well thought out for each room and since each of the girls chose a different colour palette, it made it easier for us to differentiate each space and personalize it for them. The overall look throughout was consistent but different bedding, furniture and window treatments were chosen for each.

The end result was rewarding and creating a space that made our clients lives easier was the best end result we could have asked for. 

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