How to Create a Home Office Space

Now that working from home is officially something many of us have been forced to do, it’s probably very clear that having a dedicated space can make all the difference.  Not just now but for the future ahead.  It’s clear that everyone is setting up some type of ‘work zone’ in the home, so why not put a little extra effort in and make it last.

1. Find Your Area and Measure

You don’t need a dedicated office to create a functional workspace at home.  Determine where you feel you can work best.  Do you need to be behind a closed door or are you better in an open concept area.  Measure the different areas that may have potential like behind your sofa, an area in the bedroom or even your hallway.  You will be surprised with what you can accomplish and will likely wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

2. Search for the Right Products

Once you have decided on the ‘spot’ and you have measured your area, your search is now narrowed.  You may also have a certain budget in mind, which will also keep you on track.  Look for your key pieces such as your desk and chair first, and perhaps you even have something around the house that could be used. 

3. Make Sure It’s Functional

Don’t rush and check all the details before any purchase.  Think about what you need because if it doesn’t meet those criteria, you won’t use it and you will end up frustrated while sitting back on your sofa – not productive.  Do you need one drawer or more?  Do you work with paper and require filing options?  Although some of these things may increase your cost, it’s important to ensure the area works for you.

4. Comfortable

I’ve made the mistake in the past of purchasing a desk that my legs don’t fit under properly – who knew.  I like to cross my legs so think about how you sit and what’s most comfortable for you.  You would think the comfort of the ‘desk’ doesn’t matter but it is just as important as the chair.  Which is the next thing: a proper office chair can be expensive and may not be the look you are after either.  Most dining chairs will do the trick and if you aren’t able to test it out in-store, read the reviews and all specifications. 

5. Make it Simlpe

This is the fun part.  Add a unique light, artwork above (if you are against a wall), or treat yourself to some fresh flowers.  Be sure not to over clutter, but a few personal touches will make the space more inviting.