5 Things Every Family Room Needs

Design isn’t always about following the ‘rules’.  It’s about what makes a space feel special and what makes you actually want to spend time there.  It needs to feel comfortable, inviting and functional.  Here are my top 5 items that every family room needs.

1. The Right Sofa

Identify the right sofa for you.  For me, it’s deep, it’s comfortable and it doesn’t lose its shape.  You will spend time on this watching movies, reading a book or hanging out with your family and friends.  Make sure it feels right and don’t settle – you regret every penny you spent on something you don’t love.


2. A Place to Put Your Drinks

Once you sit down, you don’t want to get up.  Keep a table at arm’s reach by every seat in the room.  Even if it isn’t for a drink, at some point you will need a place to rest items like your phone, watch or book.  

3. Ottomans

Ottomans can do so many things for a space.  It’s another piece that brings a pattern or texture into the room, They fill out awkward spots in the room and balance areas around the coffee table.  Last but not least, a great spot for your feet.  They move around easily making them completely versatile for the room.

4. Window Treatment

The room (and this actually goes for almost any room) may feel empty and unfinished without them.  Whether they are functional or not, they will soften the area around your windows, allow another layer of texture in the room and cozy up the space even more. 

5. Lamps

Both floor lamps and table lamps serve a great purpose in a room.  Overhead lights are great for lighting up the whole space, but lower lights will move inward and warm up the space. You can achieve this by placing lamps on side tables and shelves in the corners of your rooms.  Wall sconces is another great source for highlighting artwork or family galleries.  Finally, a floor lamp positioned to the side of a chair or sofa creates a great nook for reading.  Your lighting will set the mood and add an inviting feel to the room.

Did I say I say 5 things?  I meant 6! The one last small item you can grab is a great blanket  – or better yet, get one for each family member.  It’s a total must for relaxing and watching your favourite flick.