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3 Tips for a Great Gallery Wall

Are gallery walls still in? Truth is, they were never in nor out, but for some reason, they really had a moment a few years back. Since then, there’s been this misconception that they were trendy and now are ‘over.’ Gallery walls can work for a lot of spaces, especially large walls – and they can be an inexpensive way to decorate and a great project for fall as you spend more time in the home.  Here are 3 tips to make them work in your space:

1. Use the same frame style and colour

It’s no accident retailers that Indigo, Pottery Barn, and CB2 sell gallery frame kits (link to them).   It can be complicated so making it easier for the consumer has its benefits. Trying to be creative can have its challenges but don’t overthink things.  Using the same frame style and colour creates a beautiful, simplistic feel.  They can be the same size or different but keeping one thing consistent in your gallery wall creates a uniform look.

2. Keep the colours complementary

This goes for frames (like in tip #1), but also the images themselves. A gallery wall of family photos is lovely in black and white or artwork that is uniform in ‘colour’.  This will create a less busy feel again and will ensure the overall look is cohesive with your other decor in the room.  

3. Mix up the media

Yes, it’s ok to mix family photos with artwork – as long as they coordinate.  You can even incorporate other objects or wall decor.  It’s best to have a plan if this is the case.  To keep it easy, I first understand the ‘footprint’ of the wall that I’m going to work with.  I then lay it out on the floor in the configuration that makes the most sense.  I play with the positioning of objects until I have it right.  In this scenario, spread out the ‘like’ objects so they are clumped together in one area.  This will help keep things balanced.   

I have always loved and will continue to love gallery walls whether they are in or out.  It is a great solution for so many walls and something you can tackle on your own with some extra time and effort.  Just plan ahead so you know what approach you like best, identify where you want to purchase your frames and work with what they have.  There are so many interesting ways to be creative and who doesn’t love family photos – it’s part of our home and the people we share it with.