This main floor renovation involved several rooms that were completed in full to create a cohesive flow and overall look. Our first step involved meeting with our clients to determine their wish list and goals for the renovation. After establishing optional floor plans, budgets and our contractor, we positioned ourselves to provide a successful design that worked with the plan and budget approved.

The overall space renovated included the front hall, kitchen and eat-in, family room, powder room, living room and dining room. A lot of ground to cover and fully furnished to provide a lifestyle our client was looking for.

In building the plan, we first defined the main materials required for each of the different zones. This included the flooring, baseboards, interior doors and the list goes on. Elevation drawings were established for the kitchen and all materials recommended to bring this area together. Each of the different rooms was cohesive with the next but offered a different function.

We worked closely with the contractor to ensure all design elements were executed as planned. This included site visits, answering questions and providing the proper guidance throughout. As the renovation came together, the furnishings is what made this space feel like home. Our team sourced all items and executed with delivery, set-up and accessory placement. The cozy seating options, the classy dining room and a functional area to cook and entertain were only some of the lifestyle features improved in the home.