Not all projects include a renovation of the main floor or full home. For this particular couple, they were looking for a renovation of their Master Ensuite and Bedroom area. A full update for a space that had been neglected over the years as they worked through other various areas of the home.

Our goal was to provide a ‘retreat’ and relaxing space that was highly functional and relaxing. The space was large and not well utilized at the beginning which gave us a lot of opportunities for improvements. Our client was using a separate room for her closet, the bathroom had been partially torn apart and the overall materials in the space needed a great facelift.

We started with understanding the needs of the room and built a floor plan that met this wish list. We created a plan with enough space for a comfortable bedroom area, walk-in closet and functional ensuite. The project involved a contractor as renovations took place in all areas and new materials were installed. The selections in the design elements ensured the space was clean, open, fresh and comfortable.

The bedroom included new furnishings, bedding, drapery and accessories to provide a finished and uncluttered look. The walk-in closet allowed our client to bring her clothing back to her own area and provide more than enough storage for both. It created a very organized solution that remained neat and tidy. The ensuite was an extension of all and incorporated key elements in the design that fit their lifestyle.

I would say that the ‘retreat’ was achieved.